It's not the worst that could happen.

Hi, I'm John. 25. GA. Vegan. Apolitical. The music of The Smiths and Morrissey saved my life. Jawbreaker. Wu Tang. Skating. Metal Culture. Underground music culture. Dissent. I am against all racism/specieism/sexism/ageism/homophobia. I am a believer in Jesus Christ (even though it's not too popular these days.) Anti-capitalism. Nirvana. Parks. Activism. Hip Hop and rap culture. Paint. In love with Emma Watson.Freedom of speech. Punk Rock. Friendships. Altered states. Liberation movements. Parties. The work of Matt Groening. Women's Rights. Animal Rights. Helping others. Art. Liberation movements. Love.

Humanity over empire.

Turn the other cheek.


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